Monday, February 23, 2015

Giving Effective Feedback

I had a nice discussion with my assessment committee colleagues today. Afterwards, at the request of one of my colleagues, I shared a few resources about effective feedback. I decided to kill two birds worth one in a handbasket by posting them on my blog, too.

The first resource that came to mind is this article by Grant Wiggins (2012): Seven keys to Effective Feedback.

I also like this article (from the same September 2012 issue of Ed Leadership) by Fisher & Frey (2012): Making Time for Feedback. It offers practical feedback strategies, including this gem: it can be counterproductive to mark every mistake a student makes.

Actually, the collection of abstracts suggests the entire Sept 2012 issue may be a treasure trove of excellent articles on feedback. I'll have to check out the rest when I have more time.

Finally, I encourage anyone looking for a more in depth look at feedback to check out the first chapter of Classroom Instruction that Works (2nd ed.):

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