Wednesday, February 5, 2014

How might you improve?

How convincing is this? How might you do better?

These questions were bothering me. I had just completed a paper with colleagues Lenore Kinne and Dave Coffey on the effective use of rubrics for formative assessment (in press). In it, we wrote:
...a good rubric provides feedback on the progress that has been made toward the goal while simultaneously communicating ways the performance might be improved (emphasis added).
My rubric did the first part, but it bothered me that it didn't do the second part.

For that, I had to write comments on students' papers. I realized I was writing the same sort of comments over and over. I needed to do something about that.

So I added a column labeled "Ways I Might Improve..." and shared the revised rubric with my students.

Here's the revised rubric. Your comments and feedback are appreciated: How did I do? And what can I do better?

SBG Portfolio Evidence Scoring Rubric

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