Saturday, March 1, 2014

How Am I Doing? EDI 331, W14

In EDI 331 - Mathematics Teacher Assisting, I engaged each of my students in a one-on-one Cognitive Coaching session aimed at setting goals for their teaching practice this semester. I have found that setting goals focuses my efforts, and I make an effort to set two or three explicit goals for every course I teach.

Well, I have been having my students blog about their teaching goals, so I thought I might take some of my own medicine and share mine too. So, without further adieu...

My goals for EDI 331, W14 are:
  1. To provide home workshops that are relevant, useful, and engaging.
  2. To make sure our in-class workshops connect with the home workshops and extend them in a meaningful way.
  3. To foster appreciation for the math-twitter-blog-o-sphere as a means of professional growth.

So, how am I doing? 

I surveyed my students during Week 4 about the first two questions:
  • Question: “On a scale from 1 to 5, how have you found the at-home workshops I have assigned to date?
    Scale: “1 = not relevant, useful, engaging” and “5 = very relevant, useful, engaging.”
    • Result: The mean rating was 4.04 out of 5, and the minimum rating was 3 and mode 4. 
    • Interpretation: It seems I have been successful at this. An example of such a home workshop appears below. 
  • Question: “Do you feel the in-class workshops have extended the home workshops in a meaningful way? (Yes or No).
    • Result: 12 Yes, and 1 circled "Yes and No" and expressed a desire to spend more time discussing the home workshops in class.
    • Interpretation: It seems I have been successful at extending the home workshops with our class discussions.

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