Thursday, March 6, 2014

Reflecting on your Coaching Session

When I supervise student teachers and teacher assistants, I use cognitive coaching to frame my classroom visits. Students fill out a pre-observation action plan, using their goals for professional growth to identify a focus for the observation.

After the observation, we use a coaching reflecting conversation to reflect on the lesson and construct new learning. Students then reflect on the process by writing a blog post on the subject.

They are invited to use one of two formats for their written reflection:

Option 1: What, So What, Now What?
  • What? What are some of your main takeaways?
  • So what? Why are those important to you? 
  • Now what? What are the implications? How? When? Who?
Option 2: Mirror the reflecting conversation framework.
  • How did it go? (Were you successful? How do you know?)
  • Why was it so? (What caused it to go that way?)
  • How did you grow? (What have you learned? How will you apply this in the future?)
  • How did this help you know? (Be meta-cognitive: Reflect on the process.)
Here are a few sample posts from a few of my students to show how this might look.
So, how do you go about reflecting on your teaching?  

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